The old Victory Hotel was built in 1894 as a Hunting lodge, Hotel and

Stage stop.  She was first named the Evans House until WWI  when the

name was changed to the Victory Hotel  when highway 40 was named

Victory Way from coast to coast.

There have been a few famous guests such as Teddy Rosevelt, theAstors

of New York, and Granny Barber said Butch Cassidy & Sundance stayed

a few times as Browns Park was a good hideout.

The Catherines owned it a while,  then Jim & Ruby Wooden took it over around 1963.

they ran it as a private home with a few hunters stopping in.  Oneta and I started working on it in 1991 and ran it

from various cities until moving in full time around 10 years ago.

Fairly new photo of Victory


Dewey Sheridan, Note no trees in park


Victory hotel was Evans House in early years


Early Autos at Evans House